A Teacher-Librarians Evaluation Road Trip

Managing and evaluating a reference resource collection can be directly compared to the planning process involved with going on a road trip. Let me explain how. Successful management and evaluation of a resource collection involves a number of stages, as does planning a road trip. According to the Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium (ERAC) document titled, … Continue reading A Teacher-Librarians Evaluation Road Trip


Looking Behind the Curtain: An Evaluation of a Reference Resource

It is often unnerving to pull back the curtain and take a look behind. Doing so often reveals an area of neglect, weakness or flaw that has been hidden away, set aside to be attended to another day. A day, that sometimes, never seems to come. The curtain however has been drawn. With that comes … Continue reading Looking Behind the Curtain: An Evaluation of a Reference Resource

In the bin and all mixed up

There are a 100 pieces to what seems to be a very simple puzzle, but right now I find myself disorganized and dumped in the bin. Image Source: http://brobible.com/life/article/mr-potato-head-new-look/ Upon quick reflection this seemed like it should be an easy task. The recommendations, informative websites and blogs provided ample information. However, even though I have dug … Continue reading In the bin and all mixed up