Proud to be wearing RED and WHITE

You’re thinking about this now aren’t you.



Sad to say it, but you’d be wrong.img_0571

Its okay, take the bait and see this one through.

You might even find that our jobs put us in some of the same situations.

Do you ever feel this way?

If yes, the you and I might have a lot more in common than I initially thought.

I drift…

Take a look at this and I think you can agree that our jobs do have somethings in common.



Hmmm. Interesting.

Now lets look at the educators word cloud.



Well ya don’t say!

I bet you were able to attach a few of those words to parts of your workday.

Bobbers have a very important job. We do get subjected to some unusual situations. Just last week I found myself rolling around in places far from my nice little spot in the tackle box. I also felt like I was being hung out to dry, and not in the preferred way! I bet you have had these days too. I find that I do my best thinking when Im out of the comfort of the tackle box.

That makes me think of this one time…

It all started with a flick of the wrist. I am always sent in different directions.

Some good…

Hazards of the job!

So here’s Ashlee, flicking away.

Sending me this way and that, all in attempt to get a bunch of fish for some project she is doing.

We are a pretty good team her and I, however for this undertaking and timeline, we clearly needed more rods (iPads), and a bunch highly energetic students. Having only the one rod, Ashlee kept hurling me out there, trying to pull in as many fish as we could.

And… in her haste, she dumps me in a tree.




I wait

and wait

and wait.

Dangling away, I was struck by a plan.

Step 1: Get me out of the tree.

Step 2: Continue to use the worms and the one rod Ashlee has, to catch (teacher made samples) all the fish ourselves. Then all we have to do is explain to the tackle how we did it.

Hopefully that will be convincing enough to show that it is possible for students to catch fish with the right worm.

Not ideal, but at least some sort of solution had been found.

So I thought.

It was quickly derailed by my pal Barbless.

Not sure why I always have to be attached to that guy.

He didn’t think it would work.

He even went as far to suggest that the rest of the tackle would say something like this:

Now what!?

Ashlee thought maybe we should just talk about one of the worms (iPad writing and story telling apps).

“No, that just won’t do!”

Reflecting back I probably shouldn’t have said it as forceful as I did. Considering I needed her to get me out of the tree.

I reminder her that:

“If I have to share my spot in the tackle box next to that whole CAN OF WORMS they all need to be mentioned.”

And so…

In a moment of despair…

Barbless and I looked down.

And to our surprise, we met this guy:


Seek out the fishing experts who have a bunch of rods, years of experience and have tried a variety of worms. It was very lucky he could tell us where to find the fish.

Our initial problem had been solved.

Now all we have to do is battle with this tree (iMovie software and compiling samples to make a presentation).
While I’ve been telling you this story, Ashlee has been watching others successfully cast away (youtube videos on how to create an iMovie). I think once I am out of this tree I won’t be back for a while.

Thanks for bobbing along.


——— This Blog ———

Stretching my thinking and practice for my vision project.

–> Showing colleagues what students can do with iPads in the area of writing and story telling, and how the use of the technology can enhance the story/ work.

–> Vision of my Project, combine samples of student work that has been created through these applications into one cohesive presentation using the iMovie platform.

Apps I used for this blog:

Word Cloud, Captions, ChatterPix, Toontastic (below). I also created a youtube account so I could post the ChatterPix I made. I played with Handbrake to optimize my little wee videos not because they needed it but so I could simply give it a try.

I am now thinking I should have done an AppSmash where I put the Captions Comic into ChatterPix. Next time!

I feel more like a fishing bobber than I think I can eloquently explain. I had started writing this blog with a much more serious undertone and then when I started experimenting with the apps, it took a drastically different turn. I was not ready to part with the theme, however, so I apologize if it felt forced.


Cheers Ashlee

A fun little cartoon I made while learning how to use Toontastic.
It is a tad silly. I didn’t know I could move the characters around until halfway through.


7 thoughts on “Proud to be wearing RED and WHITE

  1. The absolute best part of this story-blog is the many awesome accents you used. This was great and a perfect role-model of how you can implement these tools, apps and resources to encourage effective story telling. I hope you can showcase these videos, this blog post as an exemplar to your staff of the potential for these tools. I was entertained, engaged and so happy at the end. You’ve persevered through some big challenges, delays and setbacks, but kept your eye on the goal. Your students and school community will benefit greatly from your efforts, ambition and dedication.


  2. I think you may have missed your calling as a stage actor! Super entertaining. I have not been attracted to Toontastic but now having seen your example I am going to give it another try. Your blog has reminded me how important it is for us as educators to show the students examples of the work we have done to showcase new technology. I do, we do, you do. Great job and I hope it all goes well with IMovie.


  3. Ashlee, I love the way to played with the different programs and created products to share with your staff and your students. I am sure they will appreciate your creativity. Your sense of humour is infectious!
    Have fun learning with your students. I like Susan’s description – I do, we do, you do!


  4. Ashlee: Love it, love it, love it! You never cease to amaze and amuse us! Thanks for sharing another 2 great apps that I have never heard of…I want to play with them over the Christmas break! Can you keep blogging after the course? Life will be so boring without them…


  5. I agree with all the comments left so far. You have a talent for creating engaging content. At the same time, you have demonstrated a mastery of tech and presentation. You should be very proud of this work, Well Done!


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