…and I’m animated…BOOYA

This particular blog post doesn’t follow my usual format and style mostly because I just keep on learning.

Sadly this learning seems to be occurring mostly by default as I struggle and plug along to  teach myself first.

Good thing I am a teacher. Otherwise who knows how long this might have taken.

I fear this blog won’t be hitting the 250-300 TYPED word range but I think I may have made the mark by allowing myself to represent my learning in a new way. See ya’ later old school pen and paper. Im taking it 21st century style.

Are we excited….. heck yes we are!


It hiccups like crazy, the videos stall out, you accidentally hit the home button and          BUH-BYE  goes the best attempt yet and you have to physically restrain yourself from smashing the iPad, all followed by the whisper and muttering of “I should have just wrote it down like I normally do.”



I felt a wee bit like this. I just had a tad more… self-control? Sanity…?

I digress…

This blog touches on my need to become proficient in the use of the technology I expect my students to use. Only when I become proficient and confident in using it, will my learners be able to. This was a common thread throughout my readings.

Now don’t get too excited they certainly aren’t hollywood production quality but it is a format new to me, and it took me a long time to research how to get the emded code so that you my lovely readers might actually be able to see my attempts. Ha! I won’t even tell you how many times I recorded and re-recorded it. True to nature I still don’t love it. Something about listening to your own voice recorded is oh so very strange and borderline awful. Incase they hiccup like crazy, like they did in my editing window, I have put the address where they are stored under the embed code so that you may go to them directly. For the amount of time I invested in finding the embed code – IT BETTER WORK!

I fear once I post, the files will be too large and you will have to bounce back and forth. Sorry about that.







Urban Dictionary for the win!


“Bam!”, “in your face”, and “hell yeah”, all at the same time. A term that self-congratulates, describes excitement, lets others know the magnificence of the celebration as well as the superiority of the user, and is used as an exclamation of those ideas.

6 thoughts on “…and I’m animated…BOOYA

  1. Hi Ashlee,

    I have been enjoying your humour throughout the fall, and this post continues to keep me amused. I’m sure many in the class can relate to the frustrations we are experiencing in our goal to update and refresh our skills in an effort to improve our teaching practices. Thanks for reminding us that through the frustration comes learning and most importantly, to keep a sense of humour. Thanks and good luck with your final vision project.


  2. Don’t stop, don’t give up….Keep trying, keep trying! Thank you Angela. I too wish you luck on your final project. I am curious what road block you feel you may have hit. I feel very confident though it won’t be a road block for long with that catchy tune playing in your head.
    Cheers Ashlee


  3. Congrats on learning a new program to show us the your final vision project plan. You could use this program as part of the programs to work on literacy with your class. Thirty second snippets are long enough for a student reading sample!
    Good luck with the other programs you mentioned. I look forward to reading about your journey!


  4. Good exploration and innovation way to share your vision and your ideas. I can tell that this was a stretch for you to learn Tellagami, and then to try and embed it, but your perservered and it is a very engaging format. Your plan for the final vision project sounds excellent and will provide your fellow colleagues with a useful example and role model of how to take a few steps towards utilizing and embedding these tools and practices within their classrooms.


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