Planting a Seed to Instigate Change

On the coattails of stripped contract language and the revolving door of temporary Teacher-Librarians the once collaborative relationship between the classroom teacher and teacher-librarian fell to the wayside, resulting in a fend for oneself approach to locating, using, and teaching about reference resources. Subjected to this particular environment for an extended period led to the … Continue reading Planting a Seed to Instigate Change


A Teacher-Librarians Evaluation Road Trip

Managing and evaluating a reference resource collection can be directly compared to the planning process involved with going on a road trip. Let me explain how. Successful management and evaluation of a resource collection involves a number of stages, as does planning a road trip. According to the Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium (ERAC) document titled, … Continue reading A Teacher-Librarians Evaluation Road Trip

Looking Behind the Curtain: An Evaluation of a Reference Resource

It is often unnerving to pull back the curtain and take a look behind. Doing so often reveals an area of neglect, weakness or flaw that has been hidden away, set aside to be attended to another day. A day, that sometimes, never seems to come. The curtain however has been drawn. With that comes … Continue reading Looking Behind the Curtain: An Evaluation of a Reference Resource


My learning journey has been nothing short of a roller coaster ride, packed full of potential and kinetic energy. // via GIPHY My ups and downs have been uniquely colourful, especially when attempting to maintain my sanity and level of approachability. The learning curves have been steep and fast. Yet very rewarding. I selected this particular … Continue reading UP, DOWN, and REALLY fast CURVES